The Archivist’s Story

David Evans writes:

I am a professional archivist who works as an official Corporate Archivist for a large North American Corporation. I never intended to do research on Dr. Trone. Accidentally, as explained in the film, I approached this work in an effort merely to provide a contextual understanding of a character in a work that I had presumed to be fiction.

I had thought within a few hours I could clear up the mystery regarding the character to my satisfaction. 5 years later I am still researching and finding new important documentation regarding Dr. Trone.

The Dr. Trone project has stood the usual archival approach on its head. Instead of known historical events giving contextual understanding to a piece of writing, it is the writing itself that provides the context and understanding to many important but obscure historical events. What was supposedly fiction has proven in many cases more real than what is commonly known as the historical facts.

I have so far written countless of pages of biographical notes on Dr. Trone. I have over twenty hours of interviews and collected thousands of published and unpublished references to Dr. Trone. From numerous archives and contacts on four continents I have pieced together the mere beginnings of an outline as to who Dr. Trone really was.

It brings me great happiness to see some of that research being brought to light in this remarkable documentary by Michael Chanan.